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Daniel Radcliffe in new 'Victor Frankenstein' photo and quote
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Written by Red   
Friday, 03 July 2015 15:05

Daniel Radcliffe and James McAvoy were featured in a new promo from their upcoming movie 'Victor Frankenstein', released via EW. That, as well as a new quote, can be seen here.

“It’s about creation, and Victor is not only creating this monster but in a sense Igor, who in the beginning of the movie is living in abject conditions and considered less than human,” Radcliffe says.

Daniel Radcliffe starring in drama 'Swiss Army Man', filming next month
News - Newsflash
Written by Red   
Monday, 29 June 2015 22:31

Daniel Radcliffe will star in the drama 'Swiss Army Man', and will begin production next month, reported Deadline, Variety and The Hollywood Reporter. He'll costar with Paul Dano and Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

Launched at the Sundance lab, the film centers on a hopeless man stranded in the wilderness who befriends a dead body and together they go on a surreal journey to get home. Cold Iron’s Miranda Bailey and Amanda Marshall, Blackbird’s Lawrence Inglee, Jonathan Wang, The Tadmor Group’s Eyal Rimmon, and Lauren Mann produce. The Tadmor Group’s Gideon Tadmor and Jim Kaufman, and William Olsson serve as executive producers.

Last Updated on Monday, 29 June 2015 23:00
Amy Schumer explains how Daniel Radcliffe got cast in 'Trainwreck'
News - Newsflash
Written by Red   
Saturday, 27 June 2015 17:16

Actress and comedian Amy Schumer explained how Daniel Radcliffe got cast in the upcoming movie 'Trainwreck', and how he wasn't her first choice for the role. The film hits theaters July 17.

"I wanted it to be, hopefully, for Joaquin Phoenix. I wanted him to be trailing with dogs. I don’t know if that even reached him."

Instead, the main role in Schumer's idea of what "the worst movie" would be, was put to Radcliffe. 

Schumer, who plays the semi-autobiographical and spectacularly single Amy in the film, explained: "They said, what about Daniel Radcliffe? And I just said, 'YES'."

"He was just down to do it, we kept strapping dogs to him. He was so cool."

"But being with him was like being with Jesus in Jerusalem. People saw him and just s--- themselves. More so than anybody else on the movie."

Video of Daniel Radcliffe's devil transformation in 'Horns'
News - Newsflash
Written by Red   
Saturday, 27 June 2015 13:10

Daniel Radcliffe's official Google plus page updated with a behind-the-scenes look at his transformation to Ig Perrish's demonic version in Horns, as well as a summary of how it took place. It can be seen here.

Hey guys!

So this is a video that was shot during Horns. Let me give a little bit of context because it’s really cool and I want you to know what’s going on. There is a shot near the end of Horns where I kneel on the ground and the camera rotates around me as I transform from fully human into the demonic state I find myself in near the end of the film. To do this we had to film the same shot three times in 3 different stages of make-up, before clever members of the Visual Effects department seamlessly join them together to make them look like one. All in all, including the time spent in the make-up trailer and the VFX tent(that’s the bit in the vid where I’m standing in a dark room, rotating under flashing lights on a platform! It is futuristically referred to as ‘cyberscanning’!) and on set, it took about 8 hours to complete this shot.

So in the video you see the phenomenally talented Mike McCarthy and Mike Fields cleaning, gluing, and painting me through the three stages of the Transformation(as it became known). These guys are amazing at what they do and anyone with a passing interest in Prosthetic Make-Up should watch this. I had fully expected the make up for the final stage alone to take 5 hours or more. As you see in the video, they did it A LOT faster than that. Near the end the wires you see them sticking to me under the wetsuit are ‘squibs’, which are the things that blow up under your costume when you get shot on screen. Other than that I think it’s all pretty self-explanatory, so I’ll shut up and let you watch. Thanks again to Mike M and Mike F for being incredible at your jobs and for playing great music. The song here is the brilliant Devil in Me by 22-20s (and if you like it you should buy the album!) - it seemed appropriate! 


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