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Dennys Ilic talks working with Daniel Radcliffe on photo shoots
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Wednesday, 16 December 2009 14:55

Photographer Dennys Ilic was interviewed last month about his professional work, as well as the people he has collaborated with. Amongst them are Daniel Radcliffe, whom Ilic photographed in 2007 and 2009. A new image of Dan being photographed by Ilic in 2007 was released in the article, which can be seen here.

Can you name some of your favorites? Like actors you think looked really nice in photographs or that you liked to photograph?
But in the end I have to say that probably the greatest experience for me overall -- because I've been involved with it for a good four or five years now -- has been photographing Daniel Radcliffe for the Harry Potter films. Partly because I shot him for the first time when he was fifteen years old and I now just finished shooting him when he's 20, Just seeing him change and grow from a young child to this amazing young man.

He's so grounded and so intelligent and so focused on his work. Obviously he makes a good deal of money for someone his age, but he hasn't suffered any of trappings that come with that. He's a normal young man who probably works a hundred times harder than any of us can conceive or would do ourselves. He's just all about his craft. It's just amazing seeing a Harry Potter film being made and seeing how much he does -- how hard he worked on Equus, reading scripts for other projects while at the same time he was preparing for my photoshoot.

When I shot him two years ago, he'd just come off filming -- literally the day before -- Harry Potter V. He jumped on a plane and came to Australia and was reading for Equus. After that he went straight into making another Harry Potter film. I just have this incredible respect and admiration for him and his focus. That's probably the most pleasurable experience I had in the film industry, because just dealing with him and his family has been nothing but a positive experience. It just shows how wonderful and normal people work at that level of the film industry -- the biggest film franchise in the world.

You also worked with him on December Boys in Australia?
Yeah, we did some publicity work for December Boys as well, which is a beautiful Australian film directed by the very talented Rod Hardy who as you know did quite a few episodes of Battlestar Galactica as well. The great thing about December Boys was that that it did not try to capitalize on Daniel's fame. It wasn't a film focused on him. His great craft just added to it. It was a gorgeous movie and great role for him.