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Live post: BD-Live Half-Blood Prince screening with Dan Radcliffe & David Barron - Updated with audio
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Written by Red   
Saturday, 12 December 2009 16:07

The BD-Live screening for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince has finished. Director David Yates had to be replaced with Producer David Barron due to illness. The live screening featured David Barron and Daniel Radcliffe chatting and commenting with the moderator while they answered fan questions via audio.

Please find below the highlights focusing on Dan from the broadcast:

FYI: Warner Bros has announced that the BD-Live screening will be shown on BD-Live's site in a few weeks. We'll let you know when it's up! ;)

UPDATE: Thanks very much to Lauren from for the full two-and-a-half-hour audio of the BD Live chat with Dan and David, which can be downloaded here (mirror here).

Click "Read more" to read the highlights:


• Dan said that he and Harry are alike with their curiosity, love of friends, etc. He also states that Harry hasn't taken any of Dan's characteristics from playing the character, but has learned from the experience of making the series and meeting all sorts of people (from set).
• Dan mentioned a rule he and Rupert shared, in that if they have a birthday and aren't on set for it, they won't receive a present.
• On Alan Rickman, David said he loved his eyebrows, while Dan loves his dry sense of humour.
• Dan loved Lupin as a Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher and even noted that David Thewlis gave him tutoring lessons on Twelfth Night.
• On Bellatrix: Dan thinks Bella is child-like and also evil. Dan stated that he's become a bit like Helena Bonham Carter's personal assistant on the set of Deathly Hallows, in that he's constantly picking up after her.
• Dan and David were gushing over the quality of the Half-Blood Prince Blu-ray (it was the first time Dan used it). Dan noted that Emma's version on Blu-ray is her only competition in terms of beauty.
• Tom Felton began filming Deathly Hallows at the end of the summer; he and Dan became good friends through Tom's girlfriend, Jade, who is one of Dan's best friends.
• On their favourite CGI sequences in Half-Blood Prince: David said it was the sixth movie's Inferi and cave set. Dan said one of his favourite scenes to film was the dragon chase in Goblet of Fire.
• Dan was asked if he would consider joining Twitter, but he said no. However, he does like the idea of it and interacting with fans. He said that being able to convey a thought in 140 characters or less would be a challenge for him.
• Dan and David spoke about the tiles in Tom Riddle's orphanage, noting that they are similar to those used for the Ministry of Magic.
• Choosing between Slughorn and Snape as a better Potions Master, they said that since Slughorn taught Snape, he would be better; Dan noted Harry's bias against Snape, and that he would prefer Slughorn more.
• For the birds used in the Vanishing Cabinet Draco uses in the Room of Requirement in Half-Blood Prince, Dan said it took him a few readings to figure out its significance.
• On Quidditch and flying on a broom, Dan said that no matter what, whether flying over London or past Dragons, the filming is exactly the same on the green-screen G-stage, and the pain is all the same. The pitch is just all CGI, so no significance there.
• On Deathly Hallows filming, Barron said that filming will end around late-spring early-summer, then there's the dubbing stage, and post-production. They will be doing work on it for another year, at least. There are plans for Leavesden after the movies are done.
• Butterbeer tastes like J-20 with froth on it. They both mention that real Butterbeer will be sold at the Harry Potter theme park next year (Barron said it tasted very nice).
• Dan said that he does have a say in Harry's costuming, in that his clothes should "look good, but look forgettable," given his origins. As the movies go on, the kids are seen less and less in their Hogwarts robes.
• Dan said that his stage work in Equus has made him more confident as an actor, both on-stage and screen, especially given how exposed he was in front of thousands of people live.
• On a future in directing, Dan said it'd be a long way away and that he still has a great deal to learn before considering helming a project.


• On wearing Muggle clothes in the series, as they got older, it paralleled to the fact that Muggle students around 16-17 in schools wear regular clothes and not uniforms. Plus, it shows them as more adult-like, according to Dan.
• On Ron and Lavender's kiss, Dan said he lost all professionalism that day and teased and joked with Rupert all day. He said that Matthew Lewis teased him on the Order of the Phoenix set about Harry and Cho's kiss, so it was time for revenge.
• Dan and David's favourite Weasley is Ron.
• Dan said that the easiest scenes to film are action sequences, because he can throw himself into it. During the Burrow scene when Harry sees the fire and runs after Bellatrix, Dan noted that it was "terrible parenting," and wondered why the adults didn't stop Harry or Ginny from running off.
• Dan and David confirmed that the five actors, Dan, Rupert, Bonnie, Emma, and Tom, will play their adult selves in the epilogue.
• The pair said that their favourite villain in the series is Voldemort, of course, the embodiment of evil.
• Dan mentioned that when he found out Richard Harris, the original actor who played Albus Dumbeldore, died, he just cried and cried.
• Dan's favourite set is the Ministry of Magic atrium; David's is the Gryffindor common room for its warmth and detail.
• Between Colin Creevey and Lavender Brown on who would be more annoying, Dan and David said that Colin's sweet, but Lavender's a bit mad.
• On Harry using Felix Felicis, Dan said he was over-acting a bit, and that Harry was using a different bit of logic there.
• Dan on the Sectumsempra scene was like them "playing cowboys and Indians."
• Dan said that he's broken about seven wands on set; Devon Murray about eight; but David Thewlis holds the record at about 12.
• Dan said he'd put into Hufflepuff ("nice, but clueless"), but really they'd like to be in Gryffindor, since they know it the best.
• David's favourite plant are the mandrakes; Dan's is the Devil's Snare, which he found cool, but not something to get caught in.
• Of the memories he'd like to keep, Dan said he'd choose his first days of school. Plus, Dan said that all the things he could recall, he already remembers, so he wouldn't have to keep them.
• Dan said that he was the one who told Gary Oldman that Sirius died on the set of Prisoner of Azkaban in 2003. When Harry mourned Dumbledore's body at the end of Half-Blood Prince, Dan said that Michael kept pulling faces to distract him.
• On why Harry looks sad all the time: David said that Harry's mostly serious, not sad, and is surrounded by some happiness; Dan notes that with all he's been through, he's got reason to be sad.
• Compared to the month he spend filming the Second Task underwater for Goblet of Fire, Dan was only underwater for a few days for the Half-Blood Prince cave sequences. As for the liquid Dumbledore drinks in the cave, it is a milky-water (and the froth from Rupert's mouth when Ron is being poisoned is actually egg white).
• On learning to cry on screen, Kenneth Branagh (Lockhart) said that he could use a tear-stick (an eye irritant) to make it look like you're crying (around his eyes), rather than really getting into the mood.
• Comparing Harry's reactions to Sirius and Dumbledore, David and Dan said that with Dumbledore, Harry was a bystander and could not scream out in agony the way he had with Sirius's death. With Sirius's death, Harry was in the midst of the fight, so his reaction was quite different.
• Dan mentioned that Michael Gambon had not begun filming scenes for Deathly Hallows (and was admonished by David for letting information slip).
• David and Dan were notified about the Academy Awards' Best Film category being extended to 10 nominees, and if Half-Blood Prince could get a nod. Neither were terribly sure about it, but weren't holding their breaths on getting the recognition, either. They would be honoured, but it's not something they automatically expect.
• Dumbledore's funeral will NOT be in Deathly Hallows, even if it wasn't in Half-Blood Prince. It was discussed between the Davids and Steve Kloves, but they felt it was just too many endings for the film. They tried hard to keep it in, but felt the balance was wrong.

• On Tom Felton's hair dyeing, Dan said that it gets done 'more often than he likes.' Tom gets a bit more recognition that he likes as a result of it (as does Rupert), but they try to dye it as infrequently as possible.
• When dealing with bad press and rumours, Dan says that he keeps a sense of humour and good head about it, as well as having good people around them.
• Dan says that he'll miss the friends he's made on set and working with the crew in the series after it's done, and hopes to work with them after Harry Potter is over.

That's it for the BD-Live event! Thanks!

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