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Demo video for Harry Potter Wizarding World DVD game
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Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 05 November 2009 13:52

A short demo for the Harry Potter Wizarding World DVD game, which will be out December 1, is online now, and can be played here.

Some of the features of the DVD game will include:


Year 4
• Quidditch World Cup Escape: Players navigate through a maze of tents and people to make it safely back to the Weasley tent.
• Dumbledore's Office: Players must look carefully around Dumbledore's office to locate items that appear on-screen.
• Marauder's Map: Players make their way from one end of the map to the other, while avoiding teachers and other obstacles.
• Year End Challenge - Dragon Chase: Players navigate the dragon up and around Hogwarts castle spires and through narrow bridges, to get back and protect the golden egg.

Year 5
• Grawp's Gotcha: Players must find and ring Hermione's handlebar bell to distract Grawp and be released from his grasp. Those who are not careful might get tossed into the forest.
• Extendable Ear: By lowering one of Fred and George's Extendable Ears down a stairwell, players have to determine which of a group of characters can be heard talking.
• Dumbledore's Army: After watching Harry teach Dumbledore's Army members how to cast combat spells, players practice what they have learned by casting spells on a Death Eater dummy.
• Ministry Of Magic: To gain entrance to the Ministry of Magic, players have to solve the puzzle within the phone booth that acts as the visitors' entrance.
• Year End Challenge – Falling Prophesies: Players must make their way to the Hall of Prophesies exit while avoiding falling prophecies and Death Eaters.

Year 6
• Advanced Potions: Using the Half-Blood Prince's book, players must remember the proper sequence of ingredients in order to successfully brew their potions.
• Room Of Requirement: Players have four chances to find a hidden object somewhere inside the very crowded Room of Requirement.
• Harry Potter Chronology: Before the clock chimes, players have to place film scenes in the proper chronological order.
• Year End Challenge – Apparition Tests: To pass this test, players must choose the right moment to Apparate into the ring on the floor.

Final Round
• The Pensieve: A concentration game where players must carefully select a specific memory from the many memories swirling in the Pensieve.