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Potter actors make it onto the "100 Sexiest" list
News - Newsflash
Sunday, 18 October 2009 16:22

A variety of Harry Potter-related actors have featured on this year's Empire's 100 Sexiest Movie Stars of All Time list, including the one and only Daniel Radcliffe!

37. Daniel Radcliffe

He loves cricket, he's got great taste in music, he's absolutely minted... what more do you want? A good body? Well he's got one of them too (did you see Equus? Of course you did). You want more? Well he's a bloody wizard, and a really good one at that, with a couple of potions that'll guarantee you fancy him.
Most alluring as... Young master Strang in Equus. Though it wasn't captured on 35mm, the moment most can't forget is his nudey appearance on stage. Harry Potter. In the nude. Saying it like that it actually sounds very, very wrong.
Interests include... Playing pranks, Fulham football club, cricket and indie rock.

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