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Exclusive: Tim Hailand talks Dan Radcliffe & One Day in The Life of book
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Written by Red   
Thursday, 03 September 2009 17:13 got the chance to interview photographer and author Tim Hailand on his upcoming One Day in The Life of book, which focuses on actor Daniel Radcliffe. Tim discussed why he chose the fifty photos used of Dan in the book out of the hundreds taken on January 13, Dan's participation in the book, and much more.

How did you and Dan meet?
We met through a mutual friend, artist Jim Hodges

What was your favorite photo(s) to take of Dan?
It would be hard to say which shots are my favorites, but if I had to choose, I would say the first image of him sleeping in bed, the images we shot in Times Square, as well as an image of him in his dressing room. My approach in picture taking is to take "natural" photos, while at the same time trying to create beautiful and/or iconic images. Beauty and sense of person is my goal, and hopefully I have achieved that in some of these images.

How many photos did you take that didn't make it into the book?
I took photos all day, there are probably a few hundred.

Why did you choose to use the photos that you did?
Any time I present my work, whether it be in a gallery context, or in this case a book, I try to tell a story. I chose images that I felt best told the story of this particular day in Dan's life. I then further edited these images as I do not want any redundancies. Each picture tells a story, and collectively they create a portrait of a day - so I choose the images that I feel tell the story best

Did Dan choose any of the photos?
Dan was excited to see the completed book, and he told me that he loved all the images.

Were there any photos that you wanted to use in the book but Dan didn't?
None at all, we were in complete agreement on all the images. Dan owns my work, so he understands my aesthetic viewpoint

Which photos were Dan's favorites? Does he have a favorite?
In Dan's notes he mentions how much he likes the Times Square portraits. I believe those are his favorites.

Are there other people in the photos, besides, Dan?Like his parents or other famous people?
The focus for me with this book was really Dan himself, but of course other people are involved in his day to day life. His Dad appears briefly in the background of one image, his acting coach Barbara Houseman, as well as his bodyguard. Richard Griffith also appears in one shot on stage with Dan.

Was there any significance in choosing January 13 to do the shoot?
We thought it would be a good day as Dan rehearses the blinding sequence of EQUUS every Tuesday, and thought people would like to see some "behind the scenes" of EQUUS, as many stage shots had already been published.
Thanks very much to Tim for participating in the interview. The book One Day in The Life of Daniel Radcliffe can be pre-ordered here; it will be shipped out starting in December.
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