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Daniel Radcliffe interviewed on Test Match Special - Updated
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Sunday, 23 August 2009 12:36

Daniel Radcliffe and Tom Felton were interviewed today on Test Match Special on BBC Radio 5 live.

Cricket and Deathly Hallows were hot topics, and Dan confirms they have just done a week of night shoots. He also says he learns his lines the weekend before a shoot and goes over them on the morning of filming.

They are also asked, should they get stuck on a desert island, what would they rather have; a cricket bat or a Firebolt.

Additionally they talked about how their close friendship developed, thanks to Tom's girlfriend, Jade, who Dan's particularly close to. They candidly talked about how they go from hating each other on screen to chatting about cricket and how Tom's now bleach-blonde hair attracts fans at matches. They also talk about the charity cricket match they played in last weekend.

UPDATE: Rotae has provided a partial transcript.

UPDATE 2:Â Photos of Dan and Tom can be seen here

Aggers: Lots of people saying, Tom, I know you don't like your hair very much, but apparently, you look very much like Stuart Broad.
DanRad: *loses it in hysterics* HA HA!!
Tom: Oh, don't!
DanRad: That's what your girlfriend calls you!
Tom: I know! The weird thing about this, is that I went to a party, I don't know where it was, 'cause it was a few months ago, in which I met Stuart Broad.
DanRad: Did you?
Tom: Yeah! And all their team came up to me and said, "PLEASE take a photo with Stuart, because we take the mickey out of him and call him Malfoy!"
DanRad: *laughs*
Tom: So it's not just on my half...
Aggers: Is that his nickname?
Tom: Apparently so! Apparently...
DanRad: Even if it's not, we should start it.
Tom: Let's start it, yeah.
DanRad: "And now Malfoy's coming in to bowl"
Tom: "Malfoy's coming in to bowl"... I'd be honoured!

Tom: [Jade] knows the players, she know Broad very well, and she knows everyone else... so it's great! Nice to bring someone else along.
DanRad: She knows Broad very well just cause, you look like him.
Tom [slightly exasperatedly]: Yes, thank you, Daniel.
Tom: Only he's like, three foot-taller. When we had a photo together, I looked... physically abnormal next to him.
DanRad: Yeah.
Tom: He is huge.
DanRad: Well, you've got a good three inches on me, Tom.
Tom: Well, let's not go there...

: Listen, I really do see parallels between cricket and acting.
Tom: You mention this all the time on set...
DanRad: I know, I know...
DanRad: I know, I'm dull.

And from the BBC Sports live commentary:
1343 - Aus 177-2 (51 overs)
Draco Malfoy to bowl from the Vauxhall End... sorry, it's Stuart Broad again, and Ricky Ponting lifts him over the helmeted Ian Bell at Reasonably Short Extra Cover for four.

The interview can be downloaded here.

Three photos of Dan and Tom can be seen here.

Thanks, Snitch Seeker!

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