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Deathly Hallows split confirmed at Snatchers' capture before Malfoy Manor
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Written by Red   
Thursday, 20 August 2009 13:26

Recently, Joshua Herdman and various Harry Potter co-stars attended Muggle Mayhem, a fan convention from which proceeds were given to charitable causes.

During a panel discussion, Josh revealed the current scene chosen as the split point for both Deathly Hallows films:

Herdman said that the current plan was to split Deathly Hallows just after the trio are captured by the Snatchers and right before they are taken to Malfoy Manor.

Please note that this is susceptible for change, and that this is currently the split point for the films. David Yates said in late June that the split point would be one of the scenes involving Harry, Ron, and Hermione being chased by Snatchers, which he had been filming at the time.