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Dan Radcliffe, Rupert Grint & Emma Watson talk life after Harry Potter
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Written by Red   
Tuesday, 14 July 2009 22:32

Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson were interviewed last week by USA Today, where they spoke about their immediate and long-term plans after the Harry Potter series has come to an end. New photos of the three actors accompany the article, which can be seen here, courtesy of Snitch Seeker.

Dan talks about future stage work and the Dan Eldon biopic:

"Hopefully in the next couple of years, I'll be back on stage in some form. I'd love to come to Broadway again," Radcliffe says. "They responded to the fact that I have a work ethic. I was on Broadway at the same time as Jeremy Piven, and I think he made me look really, really good because I didn't miss a show." He was jokingly referring to Piven's run in Speed-the-Plow, which was shortened by the actor's mercury poisoning.

Once the final Potter wraps, Radcliffe is scheduled to play British photojournalist Dan Eldon, who was killed in 1993 in Mogadishu, Somalia. "I really want to do that. It's just a matter of getting the script absolutely right," Radcliffe says.

First thing he'll do after Potter? "Sleep. Ideally, I would have three weeks off and go straight to something else. I get bored not working. … I have a huge amount of energy. When I'm on set, I use it all up. At home, I go wild in my head."