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Dan Radcliffe talks to Paste magazine
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Written by Red   
Tuesday, 14 July 2009 17:22

As part of their mass Harry Potter-themed feature, Paste magazine spoke to Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson about the sixth movie, their advancement education-wise (Emma finally admits that she will attend Brown University this fall, a fact Dan Radcliffe revealed in an earlier interview), their futures in acting, their role models and much more.

Dan stated:

Of the Harry Potter’s that you’ve done so far, your favorite is…?
The fifth one—for two reasons. The first is that Gary Oldman was in it, and I love that man’s work, and the second was that there was no bloody Quidditch in it. That is really torture, having to do the Quidditch games. It’s more than several steps up from discomfort—it’s pain! Gary, thank God, has become a good mate, and something of a mentor. He’s a guy with a supremely sane head on his shoulders.

Who else do you admire?
Kenneth Branagh, he’s a great bloke. He first suggested doing Equus.