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Dan Radcliffe talks life after Potter, money & Equus
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Written by Red   
Sunday, 12 July 2009 21:29
Daniel Radcliffe was recently interviewed by Time in London about the end of the Harry Potter series, having to decline movie roles because of his commitment to Potter, the Deathly Hallows split and the bits he's filmed from it, his opinions on working on stage, screen, and television, and his particular tastes in women. It can be read below (through a translation):
How do you feel with the next goodbye to Harry Potter?
Daniel Radcliffe -
I will be finished when the seven films end. Because, in recent times, when I did other work, like (the movie) December boys, (the play) and Equus (the film for television) My Boy Jack, I knew there would be a film of Harry Potter to return. There was an expectation that security. At the same time, Harry will give a release. Currently, I receive great scripts, but I have to say: "Unfortunately, I'm busy until 2030!" (Laughs). But it is great to be in the series. They are my best friends, the staff team and the actors. I will be more sad to not see them every day to leave the role of Harry.

This is the first film of Harry launched when all already know the end of the series. This reduces the interest for long?
Radcliffe -
No, because everyone knew what was going on in the fifth book when the fifth film was released. Even knowing the seventh book, people will certainly feel curious to see the seventh movie.

And the fact that the seventh book has been divided into two productions?
Radcliffe -
Yes, we shoot both at once. I was happy with the division. We had to cut a lot before. That would not be possible in the seventh movie.

You will earn double?
Radcliffe -
(Laughs.) In theory, yes! I guess (laughs). I like the way you think!

You work for money?
Radcliffe -
No way. Money is one thing for which I am very, very grateful. I worry about him. But certainly this is because I have. That is the truth. I do not want to be an actor who does things for money. Or rather, a love of things for which George Clooney is that he made great films and commercial, like the series Ocean's Eleven, and takes money and there is Syriana or Good Night and Good Luck, films that will not yield much money but are great. This is respectable.

What work is the most fun: cinema, theater or television?
Radcliffe -
On the stage, you have that audience in front, which is very exciting. In television, the speed is nice. Where do Harry Potter, the process is slow. We take 11 or 12 months in production. If we got a whole scene in one day is a day very good. In My Boy Jack, did six or seven scenes a day. This required much more in terms of learning. The difference is that television is a tiny race of 100 meters, while the film is a marathon. Because the challenge in Harry Potter, is to keep energy levels high and maintain the resistance by 12 months. If I had to choose one of three, say I love the theater and recognize that it gives me more pleasure.

You appeared naked on Broadway in the play Equus, by Peter Schaffer?
Radcliffe -
It was an interesting situation. Even when I was in London, the Americans were disturbed. It was miles away ... The problem is that I was under age. Now I am older. I do not see why there would be problems, which people have always claimed. One of the problems of the world are the people who want to force their opinions to others. That really irritates me. Of course there are good rules, but "not kill." But when talking "does not get naked on stage," I personally disagree.

You have said many times that likes punk rock and heavy. Like the Broadway musical?
Radcliffe -
The musical influences in my life is very odd. When I was 2 years, I met T. Rex, David Bowie, Sex Pistols, Buzzcocks and The Damned. Then, with 6 or 7, grew up listening to the music of Bob Fosse (Cabaret, All that jazz, Chicago) with my parents. These are my favorite styles: old music and songs of heavy guitars. Therefore, it was special to be on Broadway, where all these musicals debuted.

On the stage, people confuse you with Harry Potter?
Radcliffe -
They see me as Peter Pan, who must be forever young, a boy of 12 years. That will not happen anymore. I want a career. I will not let others prevent me from acquiring a solid work on it. I will not allow the image people have of me destroy my career in the future.

What kind of girls you like?
Radcliffe -
From Brazilian girls (laughs)! I never was in Brazil or in South America looking for a girl who is more talented than me. What is smarter than me, I challenge and is more often right about the things I do. I do not know why, but I think that if entered into a relationship that was always right, I fill easily. I need someone who really challenges me. And you like music (laughs)! Yes, because I think that if we were in a romantic, candlelight dinner for two, and she put Britney Spears as music, I would run!

What if she put Sex Pistols?
Radcliffe -
Yeah. It would be much more romantic (laughs).
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