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The Daily Mail publishes Daniel Radcliffe poem (UPDATED)
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Sunday, 12 July 2009 20:59

In a recent interview with The Guardian, it was revealed that Dan has published poems under the pen name of Jacob Gershon.

The Telegraph has reportedly uncovered these works.

The subjects include; infidelity, Pop Idol and Kate Moss's former boyfriend, the singer Pete Doherty.

One of the four, Away Days, details the narrator's affairs with prostitutes, conducted while his unsuspecting wife and son believe he is away on business.

Another critiques Simon Cowell and the queues of "deluded" hopefuls who line up to compete in TV talent contests.

He also wrote one on attempting to seduce woman.

They were printed in November 2007 in Rubbish magazine.

Introducing Radcliffe's verses, it says it is "proudly debuting the work of Jacob Gershon, 17, a very exciting and dynamic young poet".

A spokesman for the magazine said: "Poetry is a key aspect to Rubbish, so it was fantastic to be able to provide the platform for 'Jacob' and his debut work."

UPDATE: One of the poems written by Dan can now be read here courtesy of the Daily Mail & Snitch Seeker.