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New interview with Dan in the Guardian
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Friday, 03 July 2009 18:40

A new interview with Daniel Radcliffe is in the Guardian Weekend magazine is online with lots of new quotes!

Radcliffe considered celebrating his legal majority when he turned 18 in July 2007 by buying a sensible car like a Toyota Prius or a Golf GTI. Instead he decided to invest in art, falling for a blue ink drawing on white paper, called Mona D, Mary and Me, by the New York-based conceptual artist Jim Hodges.

"The dealer said they wanted to sell it to a more prestigious collector and Jim got word of this," Radcliffe said. "Turns out he's a massive Harry Potter fan and insisted they sell it to me.

"Ever since then I've been really good friends with Jim and his best mate, Tim, a photographer. And they are two gay guys, artists, in New York, and they introduced me to these amazing, crazy, mad, weird, extraordinary people. I was immediately embraced by the New York tranny community."