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Harry Potter 6 Preview Clips & Interviews Airing at Regal & AMC Theatres
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Sunday, 08 February 2009 16:03

Preview clips from Half-Blood Prince and cast interviews are airing before films at Regal Theaters in a 'Firstlook Play' feature.

Sneak peeks from the movie include: Hermione throwing birds at Ron, Hermione's jealousy of Ron and Lavender, Dumbledore levitating items at the Dursley's home, new shots of the Inferi, and more!

And throughout are interviews with Dan Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, and producer David Heyman.

Source: Mugglenet

UPDATE: Snitch Seeker has received another report from #1_harry_potter_fan_22 that the clips are also at AMC theaters:

I went to see Coraline today with my younger brothers and they had the 'First Look' clips. But I didn't go to Regal theatres, I went to AMC theatres. So they had everything that you guys already report and they also had and interview with Michael Gambon (Dumbledore).

Oh and the inferi were awesome it was like a shot of them coming out of fire...well actually coming out of water but the fire was int he background so it looked like they were coming out of fire

And they had like behind the scenes of the trio walking through the courtyard and Dumbledore and Harry at the Dursleys...But they didn't actualy have the Dursleys.

The part about Dumbledore levitating stuff at the Dursleys, I think it was actually Dumbledore fixing stuff at Slughorn's house (that would make more sense) and they were saying something about Slughorn in the background. That scene comes right after the Dursleys so there may have been confusion.

Hmm they showed a little bit of the Potions class and they showed Bellatrix arriving at the Burrow from a trail of fire.

Oh and after the part where Hermione shoots the birds at Ron (which unfortunately he misses) and the whole Romilda Vane love potion thing they have a shot of Ron on the floor and he says something like "Gosh, what are these girls gonna do to me?!"

And besides that they had alot of the stuff from trailer but it was extended (with more lines and stuff).

If anyone's gonna go and see Coraline for this, my advice is to get there extra early. They show it like way before all the trailers and stuff. It with like the ads and commercials


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