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HBP set report & interviews from Sunday Mail
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Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 28 June 2009 13:21

The Scottish Sunday Mail has a Half-Blood Prince set report, inclouding an interview with Daniel Radcliffe.

From Dan:


"One crazy story was that I was getting the SAS to walk my dogs - rubbish, of course.

"Then there was the suggestion that I was having beer that was made by Trappist monks imported from Belgium and then it was claimed that I had grown 10 inches in two months.

"But the best one of all was the story that I was having a statue made of myself in Equus and that it was to be the centerpiece in my living room.

"They obviously had me confused with Caligula or Nero. But really, I do live a fairly normal life here in Britain.

"But people are amazed that I can go out to the shops and buy stuff and I don't get hassled."

Emma is not allowed to play because she really is too good," laughs Dan.

"If she comes into the room to play we say we are too tired.

"But we really can't face the humiliation of being beaten by her again."