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Video - Dan Interviewed at Sardi's
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Friday, 06 February 2009 14:04
Broadway Beat has posted their video interview with Dan Radcliffe from this week's unveiling of his caricature at Sardi's restaurant in NYC.

Dan's interview is about one third of the way through the video - you can watch it here!

Below is a transcript of the interview:

Broadway Beat: How does it feel?
Dan Radcliffe:
I've really arrived now. It's really kind of amazing. I was having a conversation with [co-star] Lorenzo last night before the show and he was saying, "I can't believe it." We were joking with each other. "I've done a bunch of shows in New York now and not once did they ask me." And I said, "Yeah, I haven't even finished one show and I'm already on the wall." You know, I've still got a week left of Equus and they've already put me up there. So it's kind of amazing.

BB: You're about to finish the New York run here. You've made a wonderful Broadway debut. Would you sum up the experience of what it was like working on the play and working with this cast in New York?
It's been amazing. The Broadway community is just truly incredible. An amazing group of people is in every theatre I have found so far. All the shows [casts] we've been hanging out with have all been amazing and welcoming and wonderful. With our show, in particular, the company were so welcoming of me and supportive and helped me when I was in a city and I didn't know anyone. They became a real family to me and are a really amazing group of people.

BB: You got to sing this year, too. We saw you sing at "Gypsy of the Year" And, of course, you raised so much money for Broadway Cares. What was that experience like and would you like to come back in a musical?
I would absolutely love to do a musical at some point. It would be just fantastic, but I have a long way to go before I have the capability of doing that – both the singing and dancing and all of those things, but I plan to in the future. I hope to do a musical, yes.
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