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De Kampioen magazine scans
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Written by Administrator   
Friday, 26 June 2009 16:01

Thanks to Floortje for sending over links to an article about Daniel and Harry Potter in "De Kampioen", a Dutch magazine, as well as a translation of the quotes in the interview.

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4


"In all those years on set, the actors became brothers and sisters for eachother. Daniel Radcliffe believes that this is a main component in The Half-Blood Prince.
"The first films are all about Harry Potter. In this part it's more about friendship as well." Daniel rubs trough his hair. The shoot in the snow has left it's marks. "Those white snowflakes are persistent. I'm covered with it!""

After Rupert talked about his quidditch experiences:
"Daniel laughed loudly, as an skilled Quidditch-player he is able to imagine what it's like.
"I'm not a fan of Quiddith at all. No, I really prefered my scènes with Dumbledore. Michael (Gambon) is a marvellous actor. He's got so much experience. And above all, he's very funny."

Things you never knew about Harry Potter, added this:
"The English Press is making up the weirdest things about Daniel Radcliffe: "Per instance, they said that I hired an assistent to walk my dogs, but I don't even have dogs. The weirdest gossip I ever heared is that I would have ordered a statue for myself. Rubbish!""