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New photos & interview with Dan Radcliffe from Parade magazine
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Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 25 June 2009 18:07

Parade magazine has a new photo shoot and interview with Daniel Radcliffe in the new edition!Â

An online preview is available to view, including the four new photos of Dan.Â

"What it does in terms of my career, which is how I like to look at it—it gives me the thing that George Clooney has, where he can go off and do a big-budget movie like Ocean’s Eleven, make a lot of money for it, and then go and do stuff that won’t pay as much. It gives you room to maneuver, basically. It means I can relax, and I think that’s the best thing it can do. It’s one thing in my life that I am incredibly fortunate not to have to worry about. Money will never be the focus for me. That’s not how I’ve been brought up.”