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Dan Radcliffe talks Harry & Ginny, Dumbledore and acting (UPDATED)
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Written by Red   
Thursday, 25 June 2009 12:25

Actor Daniel Radcliffe was interviewed recently about having to grow up on the Harry Potter set, how much he has matured as an actor, how he feels about the end of the series, especially Harry and Ginny's relationship, and how fans perceive him upon a meeting. It has been translated from Spanish site El Universal.

UPDATE: A new and better translation can now be read below, thanks to MayhemPrincess

-Do you feel that you had to become a man through your character?

Not Necessarily. I think it was knowledge that I acquired since I started the saga that began time ago.

-Harry Potter has matured, have you grown in the acting sense?

Yes, I think so or I hope so. At least when I did the movie "My Boy Jack" it changed me, it helped me, it helped me feel I was growing as an actor. There, I had to be more natural and relaxed.

-This time Harry Potter has to face another important death (Albus Dumbledore). How did you do to act in such a sad moment of the story?

As an actor it's hard, because each of the previous movies end with the death of a central character and in a way it affects you. I don't know how everyone will take it when the see that part, I did my best, and humbly, I think it was good.

-Somehow, it's like a double tragedy, to have suffered the loss of actor Richard Harris and now to feel that in the film, Sir Michael Gambon is leaving...

Well, it is relative. Remember that Michael returns in the seventh book, in a moment of the last chapter, he comes back as a ghost.

-There has been religious sectors that do not share the story of Harry Potter, they've even called him "a wrong kind of hero."

Really? Very interesting. There was someone who once told me that she was confused with Harry Potter because of the difficulties in relationships. In any case, they are stories, novels, books that are made for people to enjoy, they change the mood, feel good. Some media enjoy saying ridiculous things.

-Now, Harry Potter has a girlfriend in this movie.

Yes, Wonderful. I think it's great, the arrival of Ginny (Bonnie Wright) to the story. Believe it or not the relationship is complex in the film because Harry is Ron's best friend and she was dating Dean Thomas. There are funny moments included (in the film).

-How did you feel when you read the final book?

It's obvious that at this point everyone knows that Harry marries Ginny and they have children. The end was very sweet. I'm convinced everyone was satisfied with everything, even if you read the end of the book first, the context of the story and how Harry was living his life, it's fascinating.

-At this point in the saga, how do you feel with the rest the cast? Are you all still professionals first, or is it more like some kind of family?

When you've lived for more than seven years with them they become a part of you. Professionally, they can refresh you every time they can.

-Doesn't it bother you that when all the Harry Potter movies are finished you might not be able to separate yourself from the character?

I don't think so. I am playing other roles that I've been offered and I am anxious to carry out, reading scripts. Until they no longer see me as Harry Potter.

-Won't you miss being Harry Potter?

It'll be a little sad. Not being Harry Potter, but everyone who participated in the movie.

-How are you asked for autographs on the street, as Daniel or Harry?

In Greece they called me Dan, which is a good sign. Small kids, as ten or eleven years old, also call me Harry. Nevertheless, I feel that people understand that I am an actor who plays a character.


Source: BlogHogwarts

Last Updated on Thursday, 25 June 2009 12:41