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New interview with Half-Blood Prince Visual effects supervisor
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Tuesday, 23 June 2009 17:27

Wired magazine has a new interview with Tim Alexander, th eVisual Effects Supervisor for Half-Blood Prince.

Mr. Alexander talks about creating the fire and water for the cave scene in the film:


"There are not enough CPU cycles in the day to capture the complexity found in the environment," says Industrial Light & Magic visual effects supervisor Tim Alexander.

"We did a lot of research on molten volcanoes, which have a lot of heat going on but no actual flames," Alexander says. "We collected a bunch of other references, including flares that burn underwater, and showed them to the Potter folks."

"We emulated all these fire parameters: heat ripples, smoke, buoyancy, viscosity, opacity, and brightness," Alexander says. "Chris figured out that a lower-resolution particle set still had a fluidy flow," Alexander says. "The effect looks as if you sprayed propane and then lit it."