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Dan Radcliffe suggests tracks for Deathly Hallows score
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Written by Red   
Saturday, 20 June 2009 11:03

Actor Daniel Radcliffe recently spoke to the UK's Daily Record about the type of music that influences him while he plays Harry Potter, noting specifically that the band Radiohead could soundtrack the entire film series. A scan of the article can be seen here, and Dan's comments on his personal Harry Potter musical theme can be read below:

Multi-millionaire Daniel said: “If you asked people what band they associated with Harry Potter, Radiohead wouldn’t be the first that sprang to mind, but funnily enough Radiohead’s albums could soundtrack the films.

“They’re so appropriate to the movies and to Harry’s emotions that it’s almost uncanny.

“Harry’s darkness is a very specific type of darkness and it’s Radiohead’s OK Computer or Amnesiac, and it’s Manic Street Preachers’ The Holy Bible and Hope of the States, The Lost Riots and it’s stuff like that.

“It’s kind of angry and epic. It’s angry in the sense that your life is beyond your control and you are in the middle of this maelstrom of politics and power.

“You have no control over that, and that’s where part of Harry’s anger comes from.”

Dan would choose the band Sigur Rós (incidentally the same music he listened to while reading the last chapters of Deathly Hallows) to instrument the final battle scene with Harry and Voldemort: Â

“They would be great, wouldn’t they? It’s so right, it’s got the amount of grandeur and majesty.

“It’s epic and it’s magical and it’s playing the guitar with the violin bow and... ah God, it would be great.”

As for his romantic scenes with Ginny Weasley, Dan turns slightly sceptical:Â Â

“I have been finding a couple of songs that are to do with my cynical looks at romance and things which are quite appropriate.”