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New interview with Harry Potter producer David Heyman
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Thursday, 18 June 2009 12:33

The Film Journal has a profile on Harry Potter producer, David Heyman, in which he talks about one of his favorite things about Half-Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows:



“This one is much looser. We take the time to explore the characters. Of course, there are big action scenes, big set-pieces, but what I think people really love in Harry Potter films are the characters—Ron, Harry, Hermione—spending time with them. That’s where the real pleasure is, I think."

I’m not going to reveal where it is just yet, but there are a couple of places. I initially was not in favor of doing two films. Then I went through the book with Steve Kloves, looking at what you omit, always one of the challenges you make.

“In the seventh book, Harry is at the center of so much of it that, when we looked at what we would cut, it was impossible. There was almost nothing that we could comfortably cut, so it became a very clear decision that we had to make two films.

“Once we made that decision, the challenge is to find out where you cut it. I think we’ve made a really interesting choice. It’s acknowledging that actually this is one book, and there are two parts to the story, and I think it will be really exciting.

“Actually, there’s almost enough material in here to make three films, but I think that would have probably tipped it over the edge. The book is a very rich canvas.”

“It hasn’t hit yet because it’s a 248-day schedule, and we’re on Day 67 or 68. There’s 180 to go—and then there’s a year of post—so the horizon looms much closer than ever before, but it’s not yet upon me. I suppose there’ll be mixed feelings. I’ve learned a huge amount. I continue to learn. The material continues to inspire and challenge. Being on this adventure, working on the Potters, has been the gift of all gifts.”

Source: The Leaky Cauldron