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Potter trio & David Yates talk Half-Blood Prince & Harry Potter series
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Written by Red   
Friday, 05 June 2009 17:36

MSN UK recently participated in interviews with Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson and Half-Blood Prince director David Yates about the upcoming Harry Potter film. Many of the questions have been released in previous interviews, but there is quite a bit of new information. The full interview can be read here; excerpts are below:

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is the sixth Harry Potter film. Do you think that there will be mixed emotions when you finish shooting the next films?
Definitely. It will be very, very odd to suddenly not be coming back to Harry Potter. It does act as a safety net, in a way, when you're going off to make something else. Knowing that you don't have that will be sad. I'll be sad to leave the character behind and not see the friends I've made on a daily basis.

The Harry Potter film series has been such an enormous part of your life. Do you ever look back over early films in the series and see how you have developed?
There's a certain amount of cringe in my own performance; so I don't look back on the early films. I probably should watch them and take the positives from the way my performances have improved and developed over the years but it's a little embarrassing to see yourself and hear yourself at that age. When I eventually do look back it will be very interesting.

Rupert tells us you're improving at the games of table tennis that you play when you are relaxing between scenes on Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, but he says that Emma really knocks everyone else out?
Yes, and it's really irritating that Emma is so good! [Laughs.] Rupert and I had been playing for about eight months and working on each other's game. Then Emma saunters in and is absolutely brilliant. Neither of us could beat her. I have got better but I'm never going to take Emma on again.

Back to the world of Harry Potter. Will Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince show another side of Harry?
There's friction in this film it's much more to do with Ron and Hermione than it is to do with Harry. Harry is unhappy for a lot of this film, mainly because people keep trying to kill him. And his love life is awful, too. That's what Jo [JK Rowling] does so well: combining everyday, mundane problems with this incredible other world.


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