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Harry Potter 6 feature in Cinemanía magazine
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Monday, 04 May 2009 13:49

Cinemanía magazine has published a feature on Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, including photos from the film and comments from director David Yates, producer David Heyman, and some of the stars of the film.Â

Scans can be seen here.

Excerpts, translated by Oesed, can be read below, thanks to Snitch Seeker!


May’s edition of Cinemanía Magazine has an exclusive reporto of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. And although some of these images have been seen before, we managed to get our hands in few curious facts:

Rupert Grint discusses the kiss scene:

“There’s a kiss with Jessie Cave (Lavender Brown) that was a little awkward. Back when we were shooting that scene, I didn’t really know Jessie, and there were a bunch of people around us, and it was after a Quidditch match, and Ron’s head had gotten a little big, so it wasn’t particularly romantic ...”

David Yates spoke about Quidditch:

“Thanks to technology, we have managed to make a few improvements. I often thought as Quidditch as a very violent game, what with the players flying at top speed, and crashing with each other ... sort of like American football.”

According to David Heyman:

“This is the best Quidditch game we’ve ever seen.”

Tom Felton talks about his character:

“This is my favourite movie. It’s the first time I worked from the very beginning until the end of shooting.” Tom Felton’s big moment arrives when he and Radcliffe finds themselves involved in an adventure of the kind of that belongs to the sagas of James Bond or Bourne. “It was really cool. We spent a week shooting on a set that was really wet. Like a bathtub. Rolling around in the water and fighting. The sequence is longer than the one in the book. In this movie we really get to see a lot more of my character; explain why he’s such a jerk and such.”


Source: Blog Hogwarts

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