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New Harry Potter 6 Set Report from SciFi Wire
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Saturday, 25 April 2009 12:35

Thanks to ICM for letting us know that SciFi Wre has a new report from the set of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

You can read it here!



Do you think Harry Potter fans are going to be ready to see him grown up?

 Yates: Do you know, they've been growing up with him, so I figure they would be by now. And that's what's wonderful about this series of films, is that they grow older, the characters grow older. You know, the actors grow older. ... I think it's quite an interesting relationship they probably have with him, and I'm sure they're ready for that.

How have the actors changed since the last film?

Yates: That's interesting. Emma [Watson, who plays Hermione,] has become much more confident. I mean, she was confident before, but ... her acting ... is becoming more effortless. Dan's been off and done Equus and some television things, a television film, and he's grown a lot more confident and matured a wee bit. And they're all getting a wee bit older, and the material allows them to take a few more turns, again. They're getting better, as they should be as they get older, you know, so it's encouraging and enjoyable. ...

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