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Update on Injured Harry Potter Stuntman
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Sunday, 15 March 2009 14:16
It is being reported that Daniel Radcliffe's injured stuntman, David Holmes, will never walk again following his accident on the set of Deathly Hallows this past January.

David will remain confined to a wheelchair.


A friend said: "David is struggling to come to terms with the news.

The friend said: "David had done the stunt earlier that day but he said that it was harder to perform than usual and that it hurt when it was pulling him back.

"It's a dangerous stunt and David knew that. Most stuntmen get double their daily pay to carry it out.

"The stunt went terribly wrong and David was thrown so far that he missed all of the safety mats. He hit the ground very hard.

"He told crew members he couldn't feel anything from the waist down."

A source revealed: "Greg (Stunt co-ordinator) is devastated by what has happened. He was there when the surgeons told David that he would never walk again.

It's terrible news but his family and friends are trying to offer him as much support as they can.

"He is so young and was very good at his job. But his life will be completely altered now."

The source added: "Although David has been told he'll never walk again he is still not giving up hope.

"Deep down he knows it's unlikely but it's still early days and so he's not giving up completely."