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Exclusive: Daniel Radcliffe's role in comedy 'Trainwreck' revealed, reviewed by
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Written by Red   
Monday, 22 June 2015 20:03 got the chance to see the upcoming comedy 'Trainwreck', which featured Daniel Radcliffe in a cameo role, this past weekend.

Spoilers below for who he plays and what his scenes entail. 'Trainwreck' releases in theaters July 17.

Amy (Amy Schumer) and her boyfriend Steven (John Cena) go to a movie theater and, during their date, we see snippets from the film they’re watching.

It is a black and white art film called, The Dogwalker, starring Daniel Radcliffe and Marissa Tomei. In the first scene we see Dan, smoking and cursing, as he walks down a street with about ten dogs of all shapes and sizes strapped to him (photo above).

Later we see him, still outside, but now sitting across from Marissa at a table. She has a small poodle in her lap and Dan has a large golden retriever in his. Their dialogue is intentionally overdramatic as Marissa’s character tries to decide if she should let Daniel’s character, who is smoking another cigarette, walk her dog.

Part of the film is shown again near the end of Trainwreck, as Amy’s new boyfriend Aaron (Bill Hader) watches it on TV. In that scene, we see Dan and Marissa, looking serious, sitting on the ground, near a grassy hill in a park, surrounded by a dozen poodles.

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