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10 nifty finds from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Diagon Alley: a review
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Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 10 July 2014 18:05

While the Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley officially opens this week at Universal Orlando Resort, we recently had a chance to visit the site a few weeks ago and put together a Top 10 list of things you might miss if you’re not paying attention.

1. In the queue for Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts, you get to walk past Bill Weasley’s office where you’ll find a moving photo of the Weasley family on vacation in Egypt that shows some random actor playing the part of Bill (it is from the original footage shown in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban). There is also a second moving photo of the current Bill, but oddly no Fleur with him …

2. In the Borgin and Burkes shop there is a Hand of Glory - that moves.


3. All around Diagon Alley (and Hogsmeade now, too) are interactive wand stations where you can cast spells (if you purchase a special wand). The best one is the Mermaid statue in Carkitt Market near the stage. She will shoot out water that can potentially hit unsuspecting passers-by.

4. Behind and to the right of Hogsmeade station (where the Hogwarts Express drops you off after leaving Kings Cross) there is a Thestral cart like the one the non-first year students take up to the castle. Best part of all? You can hear – but not see, of course – the Thestral pulling it.
5. If you go to Diagon Alley at night, you can see the giant ice cream cone outside Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour light up.
6. The caged Pygmy Puffs in the Weasleys Wizard Wheezes store purr. They PURR!!
7. As you enter Knockturn Alley (near The Leaky Cauldron), look up on the wall to your left and watch the Phoenix Fire Lighters advert as it burns up then rebuilds itself.
8. In The Leaky Cauldron pub, across and to the right from the giant cracked cauldron (pictured) there is a small chalkboard sign that has different humorous scribblings from day to day.
9. Outside the entrance to the Gringotts ride is a statue of the bank’s founder Gringott the Goblin, standing on a tower of Galleons.
10. Across from Florean’s, on Horizont Alley, sits Sirius Black’s flying motorcycle.