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Daniel Radcliffe Fiasco magazine new photo shoot & interview
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Written by Red   
Monday, 18 November 2013 09:45

Daniel Radcliffe was one of the cover shoots for the latest issue of Fiasco magazine.

'I would love to do an action film but I need to find the Simon Pegg role. I kind of fancy playing nerdy computer guy in something.

'I'm not an action star! I would do one 'cos I think they're fun but they're not the kind of movies I love.'

Her said: 'I needed to do independent films, absolutely. The thing I needed to do was work on some great scripts and they are few and far between coming out of the big studios.

'You don't get many where this is a 'for sure blockbuster' and also a really excellent script.

He added: 'The thing most important coming out of Potter was doing work that excited me and they all happened to be indie films.