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Daniel Radcliffe in Flaunt magazine photo shoot, interviews with NPR, Milling About
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Written by Red   
Friday, 11 October 2013 14:23

Daniel Radcliffe was featured in a new issue of Flaunt magazine, which provided a new photo shoot with the actor as well. Dan talks about his work in Kill Your Darlings in the publication, as well as new audio interviews with NPR and Milling About.


“It’s ambiguous, but it’s pretty certain that this film couldn’t have been made if Lucien Carr were still alive,” Radcliffe says. “He would not have wanted this story told. He did everything he could to suppress this story for the rest of his life.” That’s because he was a free man most of his life, wasn’t he? “Yeah, and that’s what John [Krokidas] talks about. It’s important to stay angry and remember that back in 1944, if you could prove that you were straight and the person you had murdered was a gay man, and that he had been some sort of sexual predator, your charge could be downgraded. I think Lucien Carr got eighteen months or so in a reformatory. There’s no easy answer as to what the relationship was between David and Lucien, but the facts are that David was a professor at a university, who left his profession behind to move halfway across the country and take a job as a janitor just to be close to Lucien. There was an element of obsession, and we have to remember that Lucien was a very young boy when they first met—I think Lucien was thirteen or fourteen and David was twenty-one.”