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Daniel Radcliffe talks 'Frankenstein' script, Igor character, James McAvoy
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Written by Red   
Tuesday, 17 September 2013 17:25

Daniel Radcliffe went into slight more depth about his upcoming film 'Frankenstein' which he admitted during TIFF he had not started rehearsals of yet.

"We haven't even started rehearsals yet, but in terms of Igor, I think we're going to see a character who is given a lot more depth than we've seen him allowed in any other incarnations of the story," Radcliffe recently said.

While the former Harry Potter star can't share any intricate details of Chronicle scribe Max Landis's screenplay just yet, he implied that it's going to be a Frankenstein tale like none other. "It's a wild script. It constantly surprises you and it's great, great fun as well," Radcliffe enthused.

"The relationship between Igor and Victor is one of two young men at the absolute forefront of the technology of their day. Plus it's a story about them pushing each other further, eventually having to make decisions about their relationship and their morality. I'm really excited about it and very excited to be working with James McAvoy as well.

"Until he digs into Frankenstein, Radcliffe says given his choice of imitating Bela Lugosi from Son of Frankenstein (as Ygor) or Marty Feldman from Young Frankenstein in the iconic lab assistant role, the actor thinks he'd have better luck with the latter.

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