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Daniel Radcliffe's 'Toyko Vice' director Anthony Mandler discusses early preps for film
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Written by Red   
Thursday, 29 August 2013 17:18

Director Anthony Mandler recently commented about getting ready to work with Daniel Radcliffe in the upcoming movie Tokyo Vice, which is set to start filming in early 2014. Mandler chatted with MTV at the VMAs this past weekend about talking to Dan about the role and preparing for the feature. Video can be seen here.

"It's called 'Tokyo Vice.' It's written by Jake Adelstein," Mandler said. "It takes place in Tokyo. It's about an American that becomes a reporter at the Tokyo Times, and he breaks an incredible story about the Yakuza and about the reality of what it means to do that in regards to his safety and his life and whether it's actually worth it to bring the world that truth. It's very much like a '70s kind of thriller. So far it's been incredible. We're writing the script now. We're looking to start next year."

"I think [Dan]'s absolutely ready to go to the next level," Mandler said. "We sat down a couple of times and had some incredible meetings. His take on the work and on the book is right in line with mine, and I think it's all about the next phase after Mr. Potter."

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