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Daniel Radcliffe chats about 'The Cripple of Inishmaan', Harry Potter, Star Wars, tattoos with Time Out
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Written by Red   
Monday, 27 May 2013 14:55

Daniel Radcliffe talked about 'The Cripple of Inishmaan', never playing a teenaged Harry Potter in any capacity ever again, Star Wars, tattoos, and more with Time Out for their June issue. Highlights can be read here.

He loves being slapped around

‘I love getting beaten up. I encourage people to just hit me. The comedy in ‘Cripple…’ comes out of people being incredibly cruel to Billy (the ‘Cripple of Inishmaan’, a lame village idiot who wants to be a film star). One of his aunts slaps him around all the time. All of that getting beaten up stuff is brilliant. I encourage people to just hit me harder. The actress, Gillian Hannah, she’s not going to do permanent damage by smacking me in the head. She doesn’t like hitting people, understandably, but I’ve got her into it now, I think.’


He won’t play Harry Potter again… but might do a cameo as Harry’s dad

‘Even if Jo wrote a sequel, which is unlikely, I’d take a LOT of talking round. I’ve done so much work to establish myself as something outside that series I’d be really hesitant to go back. Even if they were set later in time. I’m 23, which is too old to be running round in a school boy’s cape. Because the theme parks are expanding there was an enquiry whether I’d do more filming from them and I was like: No, I can’t get away with that any more, I’d just look foolish. I’d never totally close the door for the reason that Jo’s a great writer. But no more school boy stuff. A cameo as Harry’s dad? That would be perfect!’

And he wouldn’t mind a part in the new Star Wars films

‘Franchise mustn’t become a dirty word. If directors like JJ Abrams and Joss Whedon keep doing what they’re doing, it won’t be. I’d love to be part of one again. Maybe not leading it: a nice supporting role. In Star Wars? Yeah, that’d be awesome. That’d be crazy cool.’

He’s writing a screenplay

‘It’s a serious attempt at a black comedy. A very, very, very dark comedy. I‘ve always loved the way Martin McDonagh writes. That very economical but rhythmic way he writes the interplay between characters. You learn about their relationships through how they’re talking not what they’re saying. That’s the kind of writing I love and I aspire to. And it’s got a fair amount of blood in it too. In that way I’m just ripping Martin off!’

And he’s getting inked

‘It’s going to sound really pretentious but there’s a Beckett quote I really like which I’m going to get tattooed on me. “Try again, fail again, fail better.” That’s what I’m about. I heard someone say growing up is about aiming to succeed but being fulfilled by failing very well. I agree with that 100 per cent.’