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WarnerBros.Shop's review of the Harry Potter Wizard's Collection
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Written by Administrator   
Monday, 17 September 2012 16:13

Here's's review of the Harry Potter Wizard's Collection:

When put in a room full of Harry Potter fans, the Wizard's Collection generates a level of excitement that JK Rowling herself could only match. The size and weight alone tell you that you're about to see something special and that's before you even remove the packaging.

There is not one aspect of the Wizard's Collection that could not be fawned over rapturously and so I will only quickly mention the beautiful leather-affect box covered in Hogwarts emblems and runes that a grown man could sit on it's so sturdy. Once you have opened the box though, that's when the real excitement starts. In a mechanism that brings to mind Lupin's trunk, there are so many draws and secret compartments that filled my nerdy heart with glee at each new surprise to be had.

Considering the excitement gained from discovering each new object, I will not talk about them all because each brings a fresh thrill that should remain a surprise to each owner. But between the memorabilia, behind-the-scenes objects and 33 DVD/ Blu-ray discs, my personal favourite was a small book near the  bottom of the box called the "Label Collection". It is beautiful in it's simplicity as it contains all the labels used in the film, for all the different products which gives us an insight into the depth of detail included in these films.

Personally, I can find no fault with this product but in order to get the full use of your Wizard's Collection, you really do need access to a Blu-ray player. Of the 33 discs within the box, 17 of them are Blu-ray and despite the double-up of the film on DVD and Blu-ray, it still means you miss out on a lot of the special features on offer. Each film has it's own "book" of discs decorated in a new and unique way with each "page" providing you with a new disc.

The special features are yet another way to thrill and entertain the die-hard Harry Potter fans. For example, on the Philosopher's Stone DVD, in order to gain access to the Diagon Alley, you need to press the correct bricks á la Hagrid. The special features are filled with little quizzes and puzzles in order to gain access to interviews, bonus scenes and documentaries. This is another part of the Wizard's Collection to show that you need to be a true fan as these are not games for the faint of heart, or weak of knowledge; I'm sure Daniel Radcliffe himself would need to pause to answer some of these questions!

The Wizard's Collection is so much more that a complete box set of the Harry Potter films in one place and and anyone even remotely tempted by it will not be disappointed. Personally, I plan on being a very good girl this year with the hope that Father Christmas will leave it in my stocking. And now to find a stocking big enough that it will fit...

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