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Daniel Radcliffe interviews Helena Bonham Carter for Interview Magazine feature
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Written by Red   
Wednesday, 09 May 2012 20:05

Daniel Radcliffe turned the tables, where he was the interviewer, chatting with former Harry Potter costar Helena Bonham Carter about his body of film work in the May issue of INTERVIEW magazine, and releases of Dark Shadows and Great Expectations later this year. Excerpts are below.

BONHAM CARTER: [in Southern drawl] If all else fails, that's my fallback situation.

RADCLIFFE: Is that your Southern accent?

I do think that really messed with my head, being well-known young, when you really don’t know who you are.

BONHAM CARTER: It's for a part. You get to research things like this. The great thing about our job is that it makes us do stuff we're naturally too lazy to do. I'm proud of myself that I'm finally doing tap lessons. That was a New Year's resolution. I thought, "Just do it! When are you going to make the time?"

RADCLIFFE: Absolutely. And there's a lot of wooden floors in this house, so you can go to town. What's your relationship with musicals? Did you listen to them growing up?

BONHAM CARTER: I love musicals. Honestly, I'd always wanted to be in a musical, and I'd always wanted to be Mrs. Lovett [her role in Sweeney Todd], so when Tim said, "I'm going to make it, but you can audition if you want, you know . . .

RADCLIFFE: I remember you practicing singing.

BONHAM CARTER: Yes, again, you were there!

RADCLIFFE On the fifth [Harry Potter] film. I remember thinking, What is going to happen to Tim if she doesn't get this part? I think it's important to say you were also auditioning for [Stephen] Sondheim [a co-author of the original musical who was consulted for Burton's film]. And that's incredibly tough. What was that experience like?

BONHAM CARTER: It was one of the worst humps in our marriage. Not that we're married, but it's really hard—