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The Woman in Black review
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Tuesday, 13 March 2012 14:18

Very few films have a previous life as a successful stage production prior to gracing cinema screens. Having been a mainstay of West End theatre stages for well over a decade with huge acclaim, The Woman in Black has recently made it to the big screen. The Woman in Black will give Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe one of his highest-profile roles since the enormously successful teenage wizard franchise reached its conclusion.

The biggest challenge that Daniel will face post-Potter is to try and convince film fans worldwide of his ability to play serious adult roles, and to avoid being solely associated with Harry Potter. Taking on the lead role in this challenging tale shows that he’s committed to showing the world that he’s a versatile actor.

This classic horror story follows Arthur Kipps, a solicitor who is invited to the funeral of a reclusive old woman to sort out her affairs. After the funeral, Kipps spends his time at the woman’s house, dealing with a number of unfortunate events, such as the death of his wife. He then begins to have visions of her, as well as the mysterious ‘woman in black’.

Kipps finds out that the deceased old woman is the subject of much fear and speculation in her native village, and the fact that he’s expressed an interest in her affairs leaves some villagers suspicious of him. This horror has received widespread praise from critics and moviegoers alike, who were surprised at how scary yet gripping The Woman in Black was.

Some cynics believed that Daniel couldn’t perform such a complex, demanding role as Arthur Kipps. However, he plays him with such believability that he sucks you into the story. Some believe that the way in which the film resorted to clichés used in many ghost stories had spoiled what was an otherwise enjoyable horror film, but Daniel has managed to overcome any shortcomings the film had.

While it doesn’t contain some of the gore you might expect from a modern horror film, The Woman in Black's bleak Edwardian setting and twist-laden plot makes this movie a surprisingly good viewing experience, whether you’re a fan of Daniel Radcliffe or not. If you are, you’ll enjoy the wide range of emotions he conveys as the beleaguered solicitor, who struggles to cope with everything he sees after the funeral, and be taken in by the talented supporting cast of young British actors. 



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