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Daniel Radcliffe confesses he has not see Star Wars movies; update on site issues (resolved)
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Written by Red   
Monday, 26 September 2011 00:43

In an interview with Moviefone, Daniel Radcliffe revealed that he has not seen the original Star Wars trilogy, and has only viewed the first episode, The Phantom Menace. He also mentioned that he had all intention of rectifying this. Dan commented on the comparison of Star Wars and Harry Potter fans and fanbases in a preview of his interview with J.K. Rowling earlier this week. More on Dan about Star Wars is below.

 What's your opinion of the comparisons between 'Harry Potter' and 'Star Wars.' Do you enjoy 'Star Wars'?
Daniel Radcliffe:
[sighs and starts smiling]

Wait, you've never seen 'Star Wars'?
I know, and now this information is going to be out there in the world.

Wow. That's hard to do.
I know. Yeah, I know. It's really bad.

So not any of the six movies?
I saw 'The Phantom Menace,' and everyone's like, "You saw that one! You didn't see the originals?!" I know! I was ten! I didn't know any better!

I have the Blu-rays on me if you really want to watch them.
Oh, you can't give me the Blu-rays! I think, actually, somebody is planning on getting them for me. Here's my opinion, though. Not on the films or the filmmaking, because I'm sure they're amazing and incredible. And I know that I would love them because I'm a geek -- so I would definitely get into them. What 'Star Wars' and 'Potter' have in common is a huge devoted fan base. Where they differ, I think there is a -- and this is my perception, I may be completely wrong -- I think there is a slightly more balanced split between the sexes in the fan base of 'Potter.'
I associate 'Star Wars' as being a predominantly male thing. And I think 'Potter' is split more evenly. The difference is also that any kind of a franchise where a world is created will then engender a generation of nerds. Fantastic! Nerds are the best things in the world. I think of myself as a nerd. What was the Bill Gates thing? "Be nice to nerds, you'll probably be working for them one day."
But I think the difference is because 'Potter' started out as a book, it's created a generation of literary nerds in a way that 'Star Wars' perhaps didn't. But, basically, it's all the same. I mean, I do think of 'Potter' as being this generation's 'Star Wars.' It's something that an entire generation as lost themselves in and it's a meticulously created, detailed world. So I do think that's the closest thing to compare it to.

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