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Daniel Radcliffe attends 92Y Broadway Talks, discusses How to Succeed, Harry Potter, Woman in Black
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Written by Red   
Monday, 16 May 2011 01:21

Daniel Radcliffe sat down for a 90-minute chat on Monday, May 9, at the 92Y Broadway Talks with Jordan Roth, where he discussed a variety of subjects about his life, including his work in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, the Harry Potter franchise, and The Woman in Black. Quotes and highlights from the talk can be found via MovieLine, ConnieLane, and SnitchSeeker; photos are here.

Harry Potter was a phenomenon when I was 7, that’s when it came out; it was a phenomenon before I was even remotely attached,” he said. “The reason I say [that anyone who played him would have become famous], and the thing that made me realize this — I was speaking to the director of the first Twilight film [Catherine Hardwicke]. She said she went to a reading of the books — Stephenie Meyer was giving a reading of the first Twilight book; this was before Robert Pattinson was cast. And she said the name Edward Cullen, and the audience went crazy. At the name. I’m sure if the demographic had been slightly different, the reaction would be the same for Harry Potter at a J.K. Rowling reading. Whoever stepped into that was going to receive a certain amount of attention and — dare I say — adulation. Which is not — in my opinion — justified, because I know me. I’m not anything special or big to fuss about.”

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