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Two new How to Succeed musical Daniel Radcliffe on-stage photos; John Larroquette talks working with Dan
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Written by Red   
Monday, 14 March 2011 17:34

Two new photos, taken by Ari Mintz, of Daniel Radcliffe and his costars on stage for How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying were released by the reps, and can be seen here.

Daniel's costar John Larroquette spoke to about their on-stage chemistry.

This may sound funny, but you seem to have incredible chemistry with Daniel Radcliffe.
I don’t think it sounds funny—we do! He and I hit it off immediately. He’s a remarkably hard-working and talented young man. And considering his age and his success, he’s phenomenally well grounded. He is a workaholic, like myself, so we get along very well.

Part of the fun is just seeing the two of you standing side by side.
There is definitely a distance between our heads. [Radcliffe is 5' 5".] I guess we are both above and below normal. I’m not a giant, but you don’t see too many 6 foot 5 actors around. We’re having great fun. Once we get through the “Grand Old Ivy” tune, it feels like we’re hitting on all pistons for the rest of the show.