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Video of new on-set scenes & Daniel Radcliffe from The Woman in Black
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Written by Red   
Monday, 07 March 2011 17:16

Cineplex spoke to Daniel Radcliffe on the UK set of The Woman in Black about his character, Arthur Kipps, and the dark and horror-themed aspects of the film. A few clips of Dan filming scenes inside the haunted manor, as well as his interview, can be viewed here.

"I'm very proud of the films and I owe everything to them. But it's certainly about making people see that I want to move forward [and have] a career that is beyond one character and hopefully goes into the future," he told Cineplex while on the London, England set of The Woman in Black.

"You know, it is weird but when it's become such a part of your life, it feels almost the same as saying goodbye to your teenage years and it is very sad but it is also an inevitability. And yeah, while I had an amazing time, ten years is enough to spend with one character. I loved every second of it but I'm excited about moving on more than scared or upset."

"The main reason was that it was the best script and I was very excited to work with James, our director, who is a very exciting young British filmmaker," he said of the Jane Goldman-penned film. "It would start filming this year and I didn't want to just sit around as soon as Potter was finished and, you know, wait for something to come around. I wanted to get out there again immediately and do something that hopefully would help out that transitional phase of my career start."