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Dan Radcliffe on Harry Potter, looking good in The Woman in Black, dancing lessons, more
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Written by Red   
Wednesday, 17 November 2010 00:48

In a new interview, Daniel Radcliffe opened up about a variety of subjects, ranging from what he initially thought of Harry Potter as a character when his parents first read the book to him at a young age, how he wished to dress up as Arthur Kipps from The Woman in Black in real life, and training for How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.

I don’t think we’ve ever asked you about your first exposure to the books.
Daniel: It was my parents. They read the first two to me when I was eight or nine I think because I just didn't read at all then. It's something that I like to think that I've made up for in the years since. Then, I found it boring and I enjoyed having the book read to me. It was great.

My dad did a fantastic Basilisk voice. When I met Chris Columbus, I said, 'Chris, you should really hear my dad's Basilisk voice.' I think Chris, 'Yeah, that's great, Dan. I think we'll get an actor to do it.'But then after they read the second to me I then drifted away from 'Harry Potter' and didn't really read them so much or at all so when I got the part I thought, 'Oh, I should probably read these.'

So when you did read them did you think. ‘Oh, I’d love to be Harry Potter’?
Daniel: No, not particularly. His life sounded like a nightmare! I thought, 'God. This poor kid.' But I think after I got the part I then went back and I read all four. I read them all back to back and just became obsessed and, despite having been filmed as Harry during the day, I would charge around my hotel room in Newcastle where we were filming the scenes with a broom, the shot where it leaps up into my hand. I would be going back to my hotel room at night and having wand fights with nobody. It's a pity I didn't have a brother, yeah.

You are always asked how playing Harry for so long has changed you but how has Daniel remained the same?
Daniel: I'm still very hyperactive. I've still got quite a lot of energy. I think the one thing that's different is that I have worked out a way in which I can sort of pace that energy more sensibly throughout the day so that I don't just go nuts for four hours and then crash and burn.

I'm probably still as curious now as I was then. I think curiosity is probably the greatest thing that anybody can have. I think I'm still quite respectful of a film set, as I was then.

When I was eleven it was out of a sort of awe that I had respect for film sets. Now it's because I'm so involved in them and I realize how wonderful they are to work on. It's a very communal experience when you're working with a group of people for eleven to eighteen months on a 'Harry Potter' film. You're all striving towards the same thing. There might be times when you feel that you're pulling in different directions, but ultimately you are all going the same way and trying to make a good film together. I have a healthy respect for the workings of a film set. I think that has not changed.

You and Emma really shake some booty in the dance sequence. What’s your take on that?
Daniel: It was good! It was a very sweet scene. It was funny though because when I watched the film for the first time, I watched it with a friend of mine and when the Nick Cave song came on I went, 'That is the coolest Harry Potter will ever be.' Then she said, 'Yeah, but that's not,' when I started doing disco dancing. It's a sweet scene, I think. It was one that David [Yates] sort of made up on the spot, pretty much, and then Emma is quite an actually good dancer. So it was for me to sort of muddle through but Harry shouldn't be a good dancer. He should be kind of crap which I was. But next year on Broadway I hope to see a large improvement in that.

You’re doing “How to Succeed in Business”, right? Are you excited about that?
Daniel: I'm very excited. Hopefully I should be able to honor it. In terms of the singing I'm not particularly too worried. I love singing and I've been doing it for a long time, but dancing is something that I've never done before, before taking lessons for this. But generally speaking I've been doing about nine hours a week of training and so if I screw up it's not through lack of trying. We start rehearsals in January. I think we start previewing in February and then open in March.

Word is you look pretty hot in (The Woman in Black).
Daniel: Well, we did take a leap out of their book in terms of that sort of sexed up Victoriana kind of look in terms of the costumes. I have an amazing costume in the film. I love it. It's a very simple grey suit but it's very well fitted and it's a nice waistcoat and I've got a fob watch and I've got little sideburns as well. I'm really enjoying this look. It's how I would dress all the time if that wouldn't get me beaten up in London.



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