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Daniel Radcliffe addresses issue of his height vs. Harry Potter's
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Written by Red   
Wednesday, 30 June 2010 12:11

Daniel Radcliffe spoke to MTV about how he accepted the fact that Harry Potter, as a character, was much taller than himself, and the bright side he saw to it. That interview, from inside Hogwarts at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, can be viewed here.

"I didn't get particularly worried because as long as Emma [Watson] and Rupert [Grint] weren't shooting up too quickly either, I'd look [fine]. We'd all look relatively [the same height]. It was all going to be OK," Radcliffe added.Â

"I was worried on a personal level because I wanted to be slightly taller than I am, ideally," he explained. "But I've now accepted it. Basically, I've came to the conclusion a while ago that you can either be really bitter about it or you can make loads of funny jokes."

"When I meet people now and they all say, 'God you're so much shorter than I expected!' I always say, 'No! I'm actually slightly further away than you think,' " he smiled, adding, "Which confuses them."Â