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Video of Dan at Honeydukes talking Deathly Hallows final day & glasses
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Written by Red   
Friday, 18 June 2010 14:52

In a new video interview, Daniel Radcliffe talked about how emotional the final day of Deathly Hallows was from inside Honeydukes sweet shop found in Hogsmeade village at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Dan also mentioned that he will be visiting the set of the Harry Potter films for two days, but only to pick up his signature round glasses. The clip, which also includes a shot of Dan with costar Rupert Grint trying on red fezes inside Zonko's joke shop, can be seen here; photos are found in the gallery.

“It’s been kind of wild. It’s just been the most amazing sort of 10 years,” Radcliffe said. “The things I’ll remember is being on the set and filming and doing the work that I just love. It’s kind of what it’s always mainly been about. And I’ve always felt very, very lucky to have fallen into — almost by accident — a job that I absolutely love.”Â

He said he was “weeping like a baby, basically.”

“I ... we ... were very emotional. I’m not a particularly overly emotional kind of person. And so, I didn’t really expect it to be ... to cry ... as much as I did. But I was absolutely devastated at the moment, because I just thought, ‘Well, what am I gonna do now?’ You know? I don’t know what my day-to-day life is without Harry Potter,” Radcliffe said. “I’ve got to sort of find that out.”

“I’m going back (to the ‘Potter’ set) for two — literally two — days, and I’m going to get the glasses. Gotta get the glasses,” he said.

“Every opportunity I get from now until the rest of my life is derived from the fact that when I was 10 years old, I got cast as Harry Potter. And I will be forever grateful and very proud to be associated with it.”

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