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UPDATED attends HP Exhibition in Ontario
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Written by Red   
Friday, 09 April 2010 18:53 was on hand at Harry Potter: the Exhibition yesterday. James and Oliver Phelps attended the press preview, as well, posing with young fans and showing off Fred and George Weasley's robes and wands. Correspondent Sana Malik attended the event; here's what she had to say about the experience.

The Harry Potter exhibition at the Ontario Science Centre is amazing. From the gift shop to the common room, the exhibition is every Potter fan’s dream. While scouring the gift shop, I came across the Harry Potter doll. Now teen girls will actually be able to have Daniel Radcliffe in their room. In doll form, at least.

Throughout the exhibition, identifiable costumes from all six films were featured. I was most shocked to see Daniel Radcliffe’s costume from the first movie. I know he was only 11, but he sure was small! Â

It was interesting to see the Hungarian Horntail which Harry fought so fearlessly as well. I agree with James Phelps, when I say the colours were amazing.

One of my favourite aspects of the exhibition was seeing all the wands from the movies. I’ve been reading about Harry’s infamous holly coloured, phoenix feather core wand for so long that it was amazing to see it in person.

Ultimately, it was a great experience.

 Photos from the exhibition, taken by Sana, can be seen here.


Warner Bros also sent over a look at the Ontario set of the Harry Potter exhibition which includes James and Oliver Phelps who say that the Exhibit looks very much like the Harry Potter film set at Leavesden Studios back in England and much more. It can be seen below.Â

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UPDATE: The full transcript of James and Oliver's interview with the press from yesterday has been released, thanks to SanaBanana, and can be read below.Â

Q: What are your favourite pieces in the exhibition?
James Phelps:
There’s a lot, really. My personal favourite is the Fred and George stuff. We only filmed with it for a couple of days, so it’s nice to see it up close with detail.
Oliver Phelps: I think mine would be Buckbeak. It shows the amount of detail put into making the creatures and that it’s not all CGI type of stuff.

Q: Universal has revealed in the past two weeks that you’re actually apart of the Universal experience opening this spring. What will Fred and George be doing and what was that experience like for you?
We can’t really talk too much about it. All I can say is that you guys will enjoy it. Yeah, I can’t really say more.

Q: You probably get asked this all the time, but what’s your favourite joke shop item?
I like the puking pastels. I dunno why, I just do. It would be fun to use them as a joke.
OP: One you see in the shop that I think would be really cool is the nose biting tea cups. When you take a drink, it would bite your nose. I think that would be quite cool.

Q: Your characters finish each other’s sentences a lot; do you guys have the same problem?
Occasionally, it’s more about trying to be the last person heard.

Q: What was the overall experience of working with your brother?
Well, it’s all we’ve ever known on the Potter set. It’s more weird to film a scene without the other in it.

Q: How has being a part of the movies changed your life?
Well, we’ve got ginger hair for a start. It’s just great being able to travel the world for events like this.

Q: What’s your favourite Harry Potter book and why?
I think mine would be Prisoner of Azkaban. I just thoroughly enjoyed it.

Q: What made you two decide to become Fred and George?
As good as it sounds; my mum asked if we wanted a day off school. She obviously explained why. The weird thing was we had to travel to England. It was just one of those things, right place, and right time. We didn’t find out if we got Fred and George until the read through when all the cast was in the room. We had the scripts and all, but we went to the casting director and asked, “Who’s Fred and who’s George?” She was like, “You’re kidding, right?” So she went to David Heyman so they could sort it out themselves. So I don’t know why he plays Fred and I play George, but it just worked out that way.

Q: What was your reaction to Fred’s death?
Fred dies? [Laughter] It was quite funny, I was in Japan at the time when the book came out and when I got to the part, I was shocked, I certainly wasn’t expecting that. A friend of mine texted me saying “You really must have pis--d off J.K Rowling.”

Q: If you had a magical creature, what would it be?
Possibly the dragon. Which is exactly in the exhibit [the Hungarian Horntail] I think the colours are just so cool. I don’t think you’d have a problem with anyone if you had that thing.
OP: I think a phoenix like Fawkes.

Q: Do you have any cool action sequences in the next two films?
Yeah, but I can’t really discuss them. But there are some really cool action sequences that take place.

Q: After Harry Potter is over and done with, do you plan to continue acting?
We’re definitely going to try and stick with acting for a while.
OP: Yeah, I can think of a lot worse jobs than acting.

Q: What’s been your favourite scene to film so far in all the movies?
I’d say the Yule Ball from the 4th movie just because the Great Hall itself is a fantastic set, but for that particular one, they completely redid the inside. We all got new costumes and we had to learn how to dance which is different. It was just such a blast and we have a month to shoot that particular scene.
OP: There is a really cool scene we’re shooting now, but I can’t give it away. But before that I really liked the campsite in Goblet of Fire or even just the platform when we filmed for the first time.

Q: Have you pranked any of your castmates?
Maybe one or two times. I’m trying to think of an example...Well, we hang out with Rupert [Grint] quite a lot when we’re filming and the televisions are always insane. So we were in his trailer sitting beside Rupert and I’d turn the volume up every time he got up. It got to the point where we were like, “Clap your hands together, mate!” He only caught on when we couldn’t control our laughter. I filmed it with my mobile, though quite sneakily.

Q: If anything could be added from the set of DH to this exhibition, what would you want to see added?
I think the costumes we had to wear for the wedding of a certain character from a certain family marries another character from a certain family. The costumes we wore for that were absolutely amazing. They were tailor made to fit with a Weasley twist to them. I think they look really cool.
OP: I’d like to see the sword of Gryffindor on display.

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