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Radcliffe named top Hollywood earner
News - Newsflash
Friday, 05 February 2010 15:07

Both Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson have been named as the highest-paid Hollywood actor and actress in a poll created by US's Vanity Fair.

Watson ranked at number 14 overall with an estimated earning of £19m, while Radcliffe came in at number six, with an estimated earning of £26 million.

Vanity Fair calculated the stars' earning power by interviewing agents, lawyers, studio executives, and occasionally the stars themselves, about film-related income.

Towering above more seasoned performers such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Angelina Jolie, the star raked in £20m last year in Vanity Fair's list of Hollywood's top 40 earners. She came 14th in the overall list, and alongside Cameron Diaz was one of only two women in the top 20. She reportedly earned £10m for the final two instalments of the Potter films, The Deathly Hallows parts 1 and 2. Co-star Rupert Grint came just behind her in 15th position.

Meanwhile Daniel Radcliffe, who played Harry in the films, made £26m, putting him sixth in the table, and bestowing upon him the honour of being the highest paid actor on Vanity Fair's list, the top five positions all taken by directors. His earnings are also likely to be higher than estimated, as other sources of income, such as a promotional deal with Orlando's new Hogwarts theme park, were not counted.


It is also being reported by various outlets that the top five spots were all taken up by directors.

Many thanks to The Guardian for the tip!